Volunteers needed!

A volunteer writes:

Why should I do voluntary work, you may ask...?

'Teamwork, completeness, giving, sacrifice, love, patience, faith and hope are but few words that describe how I see voluntary work. Carrying out voluntary work at the Paulo Freire Institute for the past years has been an experience which I will not exchange for anything in this world. We meet once a week during winter and in summer we meet three times a week. We have sessions with children who need any for of support, be it related to school or socially. We carry out craft activities and during the summer period we also organise activities.

One thing that has always fascinated me is how much we are supported... How great the Lord is. His support and presence is felt through the volunteers' dedication and the presence of the children. The sense of completeness that fills my heart after each session also goes beyond words.

Sharing this with you, I hope I have answered your question 'why should I do voluntary work?' Many chose to invest their time otherwise... maybe in ways which are deemed more fruitful moneywise...I have learnt that through voluntary work you always end up receiving more than you give. I have made friends, gained skills, learnt how beautiful life can be and also learnt to appreciate more what I have.

I am encouraging you... Think about it!'


Would you like to give a helping hand in the fields of either literacy training for children or adults, or working with children in summer or winter?

Can you spare some time each week to contribute in your own special way?

The Jesuit-run Paulo Freire Institute in Zejtun is recruiting volunteers... and you can make all the difference!!

For more information or to offer your services, kindly contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!

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