Funds For Springboard - Youth Volunteer Training Programme

inYgo-Malta, has been one of the first five chosen from the Malta Council of the Voluntary Sector from a total 89 projects to be granted a fund to carry out a training programme for its volunteers. Springboard, the proposed training programme, is a twelve-month training and evaluation programme to be offered to volunteers who go on projects abroad during summer 2012 with the University Chaplaincy, St. Aloysius’ Sixth Form as well as to volunteers who are involved in projects in Malta such as through the Paulo Freire Institute.

 The primary goals of this training and evaluation programme will be:

  • to equip first time volunteers with the necessary foundations that would enable them to give quality service
  • to enable volunteers to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of poverty and social exclusion and to explore possibilities of transformative action
  • to encourage volunteers to create a multiplier effect through sharing their experiences with other young people and awareness raising among the general public.

 Once preparatory work for the Springboard training programme is carried out in January 2012, volunteers will follow a number of sessions between February and May. Professional speakers will conduct a total of 10-12 two-hour sessions envisaged for the three categories.  One intensive whole-day training session will be organized in June for international volunteers. These will also attend a debriefing evaluation session in September which will launch the dissemination stage. Through this latter phase of the programme, volunteers will be encouraged to share or find means of sustaining the impact of their voluntary work through various innovative ways in October and November.

This project has been funded with support
from the VO Fund within the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector

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