Young CLC Communities - Summer Bible Camp

  • What has God given you that you should be thankful for? (Joshua 24); 
  • Read Jonah the shortest book in the Bible and portray it in art, drama, slide show; 
  • How do you make sense of Job?
  • What place does it have in our world? 
  • Read the Gospel of Mark with friends under the trees....

These were some of the highlights of the Young CLC Communities Bible camp... besides the grape-picking, the night hike, the prayers on the roof, the games in the evening. A weekend which helped all young people appreciate how the Bible accompanies us throughout all of life, in all its ups and downs. And how rich it is!.. if you only read more about it... or have someone a learned as Fr. Pierre Grech Marguerat sj to explain the intricate threads weaving through every passage.

A weekend to be thankful for... a weekend that makes us hopeful (hilaritus) Christians... and not sad ones! ....

so we must share this anecdote shared in the weekend:

Two Christian men were busy washing and maintaining their boat. When one said to the other 'Miles, do you believe in the Resurrection?' 'Of course', replied the other gruffly! And the first one replied 'Then, its about time you inform your face!!'

Does your face tell that you believe in the Resurrection? 

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