WWW - a Week With the Wise

WWW - a Week With the Wise

Date: 3-7thSeptember (but you can come for part of it too!)

For busy people, we've created a pick and choose programme. Have a look and click here!

The setting: Loyola House in Naxxar, home to a good number of elderly Jesuits who have offered a lifetime of service in all corners of the globe.

This experience invites youth and friends in touch with ignatian circles  to share their life and energy with the elderly Jesuit community at Loyola House, who in turn will share their wealth of wisdom, anecdotes, experiences and expertise in a spirit of community and prayer.

Believe it or not, you will leave knowing more about exorcism, film, the Iliad, musicals, multicultural cookery and a myriad of other topics under the sun! And you will also leave with the knowledge that you too have shared some of your light.

Typical day  

8.00 – Mass

8.30 – Breakfast meeting – Ignatian Insights

9.30 - Work with Elderly – Infirmary - Filming of stories

12.30- Lunch

14:00 – Rest and Manual Work

16.00 – Event of the Day with the Jesuit Community

19.30 - Dinner

20.30 – Evening bbq, treasure hunt ecc

- Night prayers 

You can download more information and application form.

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