Young volunteers set off

Volunteering with children
in Bari, Italy
(Archive image)

During the past few weeks a large number of students prepared tirelessly for yet another stint of voluntary work experiences overseas, made available by the University Chaplaincy. This year, students will be offering their service in Naples, Catania, Palermo and Ethiopia.

Each group of youth volunteers prepared resources to be used as crafts, organised fund raising activities and participated in team-building meetings. Every leader of each group attended formation meetings which offered support and training on team leadership.

In June, the volunteers organised a Pasta Night on campus to raise funds for the poor among whom the groups going to Palermo, Naples and Catania would work. There was also a send-off BBQ for the groups going to Palermo, Naples, Catania and Ethiopia. 

A live-in was organised so that the volunteers would have the opportunity to pray together as a community, have a good laugh through ice-breakers and continue brainstorming and planning the never-ending list of crafts, games and to-do lists. The live-in also gave them an idea of a typical day during the voluntary experience, a day which starts with a Mass for the volunteer community together with the MC Sisters followed by breakfast. The volunteers then proceed to gather the children and spend time doing crafts, dancing, drama and meditation. 

Towards the end of June, the Chaplaincy was alive with youths preparing moulds, painting banners, sorting charitable items, cutting cardboard and rehearsing dance sequences. It was an opportunity for the students to experience good teamwork, make new friends and work with joy and cheerfulness.

We wish all our volunteers a deep and fruitful experience of service among the poor.

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