Concern over health & safety measures

Recent fatal and serious accidents at construction sites have prompted the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice to express its concern about occupational health and safety issues in Malta, particularly with regard to the observance or otherwise of Occupational Health and Safety regulations by both employers and employees. Without prejudice to any ongoing inquiry, the Centre would like to invite the relevant authorities to increase further its evaluation of the risk assessments and their implementation. This to ensure that certain equipment and machinery is adequate for use in certain places, and that effective procedures are in place to ensure that workers are being given the necessary training to carry out their work safely.

Maltese legislation places the onus on employers to ensure the health and safety of all workers, be they Maltese or foreigners, and all persons who may be affected by the work being carried out at all times as well as to restrict access to areas where there is serious and specific danger to workers who would have received adequate and suitable training (cf. L.N. 36 of 2003). Moreover, "work equipment presenting risk due to falling objects or projections must be fitted with appropriate safety devices corresponding to the risk" (L.N. 282 of 2004).

With the visible increase in construction sites in urban areas, there is an urgent need to increase further the frequency of proper and regular inspections so as to guarantee a safer environment for workers and the general public alike: an environment free from dangers and hazards that could be prevented through the adequate observance of the relevant regulations.

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