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Survey of life in a Maltese town

On Saturday 5th May, Fr Vincent Magri SJ contributed in a day seminar organised by the local Council of Zejtun entitled “Sustainable Community in a Changing Economy”.  This is a first for the local governments that an expert and professional survey is taken on various important aspects of life in a particular town.  

Topics included “The Provision of Water”, “Putting Zejtun in the Tourist Trail”, “Farming and Animal Husbandry” and “The Repairs and Construction of Roads”. 

The Paulo Freire Institute was asked to deliver an input session on “Social Reality and its Challenges” with regards to the local community.  The sterling work done by our part-time social workers featured prominently.  PFI’s work contribution to combat illiteracy of both children and adults was also explained to the audience.

Emphasis on work with vulnerable children, and appeal for volunteers

Fr Vincent took part in a seminar organised by the Parish Council for social and religious entities that work for the benefit of the people. The seminar wanted to bring out suggestions for improved collaboration among the various groups especially those that have the same aim.  Fr Vincent emphasised the need to work with vulnerable children especially those with learning difficulties.  He made an appeal for volunteers to come forward and work at PFI.

The Paulo Friere institute can be contacted here

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