Google Science Fair 2012

Nowadays 3D screens are entering our lives however they still cannot address applications that require realistic 3D images. With this in mind, and already many years of experimentation in the field of electronics and engineering, 18 year old Melvin Zammit developed a project to build a 3-Dimensional display that can show ‘real’ 3D images!

Melvin, a student at St Aloysius' College Sixth Form, submitted his brilliant project to the Google Science Fair 2012, and has placed in the final.

'The project is based on the idea that if more than one transparent image is put in front of each other, a 3D image forms. This concept could be applied in 3D modelling, in gaming, 3D telephony, in hospitals and many other applications that require a realistic volumetric display,' Melvin says, in his audio-visual expo on YouTube. See the full video below, or read more about his project here.

Well done Melvin, you have a bright future ahead of you!

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