Sixth Form Adventure Plus Programme

As part of the Adventure Plus Programme, two clean up sessions were organized at Ras il-Qammieh (l/o Mellieha) and Fomm ir-Rih during the month of May. For the first session, forty five 6th form students and accompanying teachers had enough courage to face the scorching heat and clean part of the beach in Mellieha which is inaccessible to cars and thus almost impossible to clean up. A one hour walk through rough terrain ended up in a quiet area peppered with plastic bottles washed inland by the sea. Stocked with gloves and garbage bags, the area was soon transformed into a pleasant spot.

The second clean up, at Fomm ir-Rih was held a week later. 40 students attended the event. The walk started off from Bahrija. A view from the cliffs immediately made everyone aware that the clean up was no 30 minute job. It took the students and their teachers almost 2 hours to finish off the job.   

A big thank you goes to all those involved – Ms Vanessa Portanier and Mr David Azzopardi for the organisation of the event as well as Fr Joseph Cassar, Mr Alfred Farrugia and Mr Jean Pierre Portanier for attending and making the event possible.

First Cleanup

Second Cleanup

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