What’s in a name?


What’s in a name?  by Fr. Paul Zammit S.J.


“What’s in a name?” – this expression which people often use might give the impression that names are not important at all. This is absolutely false. Not only do people have a name  which  it is important to indentify them and above all to  bind us with them,  but we even give names to pets, lorries, ships...


Thus it was a welcome change  when three years ago the Secondary School classes were given a name instead of the usual numbers and letters (5a, 4c, etc). Each class was give the name of a Jesuit saint, scholar or prominent member of the Order. Among the saints we find Ignatius Loyola, the founder, Francis Xavier, one of the greatest missionaries, Miguel Pro a martyr in Mexico, etc. Among the Jesuit scholars Manwel Magri andTeilhard de Chardin. Then there is a poet like Ġużè Delia and a pioneer in the missions like Anton Debono among others.


With this change our students are now becoming more familiar with the long and rich history of the Society of Jesus. On retreat days and on other occasions we remember these men. Some students even took the initiative to prepare a presentation  to the rest of the class.


The experience proved to be very enriching. We now hope that other sections of College will follow the example.


There is much in name!

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