Final Session Springboard for SAC Volunteers

Springboard Session 4

The Springboard Youth Volunteer Training Programme organised for the Sixth Form Students at St. Aloysius' College came to an end on the 4th May with a final session at Dar l-Ewropa, Valletta.

The students were welcomed by Mr. Martin Bugelli, the Head of Representation of the EU in Malta who highlighted the importance of volunteering for the fabric of society.

Fr. Joe Cassar then summed up the aims and itinerary of this training programme as forming 'Men and Women for Others'. Once we become aware and thankful for all that we have received, we are moved to open our eyes to the needs of others and involve ourselves to do something to help. This last session will take that step further to motivate others to help too.

The training session then took an interactive turn where students were split up into four groups focusing on four scenarios which needed support even financially. The students had to creatively see how they would make known the cause to society and how to organise activities to gather funds. After sharing their ideas, Alison Vella, from the Jesuit Communications Office and Mr. Mark Gollcher, a friend and collaborator of the Jesuits, commented and gave insights on the importance of fundraising not only as a  means of collecting money but as a way of spreading the Good News. Valuable insights were  given from Henri Nouwen's talks on the Spirituality of Fundraising.

Fundraising is always a call to CONVERSION. 

That is, to say to people, “I invite you to a new way of relating to your resources.   So that making your resources available to us is good for you”. 

If it is good only for us who receive; it is not fund raising in the spiritual sense of the word. 

Fund raising from the point of view of the gospel, is saying to people:  “I will take your money only if it is good for your spiritual journey – if it is good for your health.” 

In other words, you won’t become poorer – but you will become richer by giving.

Henri Nouwen, Spirituality of Fundraising

inYgo’s Springboard is jointly promoted by the University Chaplaincy and the Chaplaincy of the Sixth Form at St Aloysius, and is supported by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector and the Small Initiatives Scheme for Voluntary Organisations.

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