Springboard Training Programme for Volunteers Going Abroad

 Mother Teresa

Springboard - Youth Volunteer Training Programme -

The Guiding Inspiration in Voluntary Work

Session 1 for University Chaplaincy International Volunteers

The first formation meeting for volunteers going to Naples, Catania, Palermo and Ethiopia with the University Chaplaincy this summer was held on Tuesday 10th April. Since most of the voluntary work is with the Missionaries of Charity, this first session The Volunteers all gathered in the house of the Missionaries of Charity in Bormla, where Sister Benedict (a Maltese Missionary of Charity) shared her experience and her calling.

Sister Benedict explained the difference between mission work and voluntary work, bringing out the importance of serving Jesus to be able to do a mission. She emphasised on the importance of having a relationship with God. It is only once we have this bond with God that we can bond with others, especially the poor we will be working with on our different experiences this Summer.

Sister referred to her own past experiences, explaining that often there is tiredness and a human instinct to complain. But through prayer, that feeling is overcome, and an unexplainable energy is gained: God’s grace. The mission is to love and to spread love, allowing God Himself to spread the love through us.

The Springboard Youth Volunteer Training Programme is partially funded by the Small Initiatives Scheme - VO Fund managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

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