Springboard training programme begins

On the 28th March, 43 sixth form students from St Aloysius' College took off on a training programme designed to support the voluntary work they do within their Social Responsibility Programme.

The 'Springboard' session started with a short introduction on the theme of 'men and women for others' with particular reference to Fr. Pedro Arrupe sj, presented by Fr. Joseph Cassar sj.

Following that Matthew Casha (co-ordinator of youth at PFI), Malcolm Bonello (former student and inYgo volunteer), Veronica Said Pullicino (student at University and volunteer), novice Michael Debono shared their experiences and thinking about four aspects of voluntary work:

  • the attitudes necessary
  • the challenges faced
  • the impact on one's life
  • the spirituality of voluntary work

The session ended with a short video snippet from San Alberto Hurtado's life.

This was the first session of a training programme supported by funds from the Small Initiatives Scheme Voluntary Organisation Fund of the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

The next two sessions will be happening on the 21st April and the 4th May.   

The Springboard Training Programme was made possible through a grant through the Small Initiatives Scheme Voluntary Organisations Fund. The grant was awarded to inYgo on March 14th at a ceremonyorganised by the Fund at Dar l-Ewropa, where Fr Joseph Cassar SJ represented the Ignatian Youth Network (inYgo).

The Springboard training programme to be offered to  students at St. Aloysius' College and the University Chaplaincy who will be doing voluntary work in Malta and abroad in the coming year. 

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Springboard granted funding


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