Students visit European Parliament in Strasbourg

Marthese Grech voting in favour (Photo - Kyle Sultana)

24 first-year students from St Aloysius College Sixth Form got an insider’s view of the European Parliament during an educational visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg between 16-19 February.

Joining over 500 students from 19 other EU Member States, the College students participated in thematic debates in six different groups which then drew up proposals submitted to the assembly. They also took part in Eurogame, a fun awareness exercise in European current affairs and issues. 

All students were pleasantly surprised when they were informed that – in a departure from the normal procedure during such visits – an MEP would field questions from the assembly. Our students were even more pleased when they realised that the MEP was Maltese Dr Simon Busuttil who specifically acknowledged the “the group from Malta and my old school”.

The young people who visited the European Parliament have grown with the European Union as a fact. The trip to Strasbourg, held within the framework of the Euroscola programme, fits in with the educational project of St Aloysius College, to form “Men and women for and with others”. 

While European issues are very strongly debated and positions adopted by Brussels are rightly questioned and discussed, the reality of the European Union constitutes a great service to peace among the countries and peoples on our continent. 

There is more to the EU than politics and finance, important though these are. Taking the broader view, the EU comprises a very wealthy group of Member States (even with the financial crisis) who have a responsibility of solidarity towards poor and developing nations in particular and a common obligation to uphold the fundamental rights of every human being.

Fr Joseph Cassar and Ms Dona Falzon accompanied the College contingent.

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