Pedro Arrupe Anniversary

Twenty-one years have passed since Father Pedro Arrupe, former Superior General of the Jesuits, died on 5 February 1991. “In all these years, I have never had any doubt that I had been in the presence of a saint,” says Fr Joseph Cassar, who was studying in Rome at the time. In the last days of Father Arrupe’s life, Fr Joe had been by his bedside a number of times – the last only about one hour before Father Arrupe died.

For Father Arrupe, Jesus Christ was “everything.” Kif Iltqajt ma’ Ġesù is the Maltese version of a talk which Father Arrupe had given to a group of young people. While Arrupe had young people in mind, this simple and straightforward account gives a spiritual boost to every reader.

To view a short film of the life of Father Arrupe, click here. 

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