What kind of society would we like to live in?

“What kind of society would we like to live in?”  As Malta continues to build its own history, could we engage in discussion to develop our national agenda?

Throughout this year, the Converse at Palazzo de Piro project intends to engage a wide cross-section of Maltese society around this vital question. 

The think-tank Converse at Palazzo de Piro was formed by a number of Christian-inspired associations and individuals. The organisations working together to form this think-tank are: the Pastoral Formation Institute, Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice Foundation, Discern, the Faculty of Theology, and the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice. 
The itinerary of these Conversations is simple and focused. In a spirit of broad and open dialogue, the Converse at Palazzo Group invites the Maltese and Gozitan public to engage in a discussion about what could be our salient features in the years to come. 

As a starting point, Converse prepared a working document providing a springboard for the exchange of ideas and opinions during a series of breakfast meetings. Each meeting will bring together persons from a particular sector who will reflect upon the theme of the document. The dialogue process will convene members of civil society, unions, business, sociologists and scientists, religious communities, educationalists, artists, politicians and journalists. 
Their intention is that the initial document will evolve through this discussion process as well as through the website www.palazzodepiro.org.mt which invites the general public to participate. 

The final paper, incorporating the various contributions, will be presented to the decision-makers in our society as well as to the public in the second half of 2012.

The proposed itinerary of the process will be the following:
Launch of Dialogue Process (press event): 9th January 2012 
Dialogue with Civil Society: 11th January 2012
Dialogue with Unions: 1st February 2012
Dialogue with Business Persons: 15th February 2012
Dialogue with Psychologists/Sociologists: 29th February 2012
Dialogue with Scientists: 14th March 2012
Dialogue with Religious Communities: 17th April 2012
Dialogue with Educationalists: 9th May 2012
Dialogue with Artists: 23rd May 2012
Dialogue with Political Movements: 4th June 2012
Dialogue with Media: 12th June 2012
Presentation of Final Paper: 4th July 2012
Converse at Palazzo de Piro is a Christian-inspired think-tank brought together with the intention of encouraging a continuous dialogue in our society enabling a better human experience and a holistic social development that touches and empowers every member in every single dimension of his or her life. 
The formation of the Converse group was inspired by the restoration of Palazzo de Piro by the Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter. This project created an exquisite venue for cultural, social and intellectual dialogue. 

Converse at Palazzo de Piro is a major initiative through which the Palazzo is being offered as a meeting place where serious dialogue and reflection are made possible in a serene and dignified environment.

For more information, you may contact the Jesuit Centre for Faith & Justice 
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