Fr Eddie Mercieca - Rome - November 2011

MALTESE JESUITS ABROAD - November 2011 - Today we bring you news from Rome.

Eddie Mercieca SJ

Fr Eddie Mercieca sj, who for several years has headed the Jesuit Centre for Ignatian Spirituality (CIS) in Rome and who was also the editor of the Review of Ignatian Spirituality (a publication issued three times a year featuring articles on this subject by Jesuit and lay contributors from all over the world) has just taken on a new role as Spiritual Director to the students of the Pontificio Collegio Pio Latino Americano in the same city. 

The Pontificio Collegio Pio Latino Americano is one of the several 'Collegios' entrusted to the Society. These are Houses of Studies providing accommodation to diocesan priests and seminarians of various counries of the world who are engaged in studies in Rome. The Pontificio Collegio Pio Latino Americano, as its name implies, caters for students from Central and South America.

Fr Eddie is very enthusiastic about this new mission assigned to him by Fr General Adolfo Nicolas SJ, and he is pleased to be able to assist 75 young adults, all priests under the age of thirty who spend two or three years  of study in Rome. Fr Eddie’s extensive years of experience in Latin America will be combined with the contribution of the other three Jesuits who form the Jesuit community directing the College: A new Rector, Jaime Castellon, S.J. from ChileAlfredo Deveis, S.J. from Colombia and Marco Tulio Gomez, S.J. from Guatemala.

Very best wishes Fr Eddie!

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