Transfer of Pope John XIII Library

On Friday 16th December, a contract was signed between the Jesuit Province and the Society of Christian Doctrine (MUSEUM) concerning the transfer of Pope John XXIII Library. The Jesuits will transfer the library to the MUSEUM while retaining its property, and the latter bind themselves to make it available to the general public as part of their own lending library.

John XXIII Library was founded in the early 1960s under the initiative of the late Fr Eminyan SJ, as a library specialising in post-Vatican II theology. It was totally identified with Fr Tony Sapienza SJ who set it up and dedicated his life to develop it and to facilitate its use.

Since Fr Sapienza’s death in 2004 it has proved increasingly difficult for the Province to ensure the Library’s accessibility to the public, so that it was decided to offer it to the MUSEUM, who share the Jesuits’ belief in the importance in the intellectual apostolate.

The physical transfer of the books will take place in the coming weeks and it is foreseen that some time early next year the library will be once again available to the general public.

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