AMDG night

Friday 16th December was a special day for about 80 sixth form students who were awarded certificates for excellence in any of the three aspects offered at St. Aloysius Sixth Form: academic, co-curricular and community service.

The event was no usual prize day. Apart from the presentation of academic certificates, AMDG Night offered the opportunity to also award those students whose dedication in co-curricular activities and service to the community deserved mentioning. Such examples included students’ excellence in President’s Award, Public Speaking, stage crew, sports, Paolo Freire Institute, St. Aloysius reading club, parishes and Caritas. Features about some students were screened to keep the audience informed of all that went on during the previous scholastic year whereas others spoke live about their experience.

The evening communicated the richness of the students’ experiences and the vibrance of College life, highlighting the sixth form’s emphasis on the balance between the academic, co-curricular and social responsibility. The audience was further entertained by dances, a recital and a live band.

This was the second time that AMDG Night was held. Jesuit Provincial Fr Paul Pace SJ presided over the ceremony.

First Year Students' Band

Presentation of Certificates


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