eNewsletter 3 - 23rd December 2011

Dear friends,

As we get all busy and perhaps stressed to prepare our Christmas activities, it is important to keep in mind that Jesus was born in a stable, in what we would consider a totally unsuitable place.  It was damp, dirty, totally inappropriate for the birth of any baby, much less, we think, for the birth of God made man. Yet this is what God chose for what must have been the most important event in human history, and the message of that night is one of peace and well-being for the whole of humanity. The Nativity scene radiates joy and serenity in the midst of obvious external confusion.

Our world too is clearly a confusing place at the moment, a messy world characterised by uncertainty, fragile relationships and violence. Yet God-with-us is still present there, coming to us with his message of peace and salvation. Like the shepherds, we are invited to believe the incredible message of the angels and make our way to the manger, and spend some time with Mary and Joseph.

As someone once said, the best Christmas present we can give ourselves is to spend half an hour looking at the scene in Bethlehem, being present there and letting its power touch our hearts.

May this blessed season bring you and all your dear ones inner peace and trust.

eNewsletter 3 - 23rd Dec 2011

Il-Maxtura Damet Vojta - Storja

Schedule of
Christmas Liturgy celebrations
in Jesuit 

 Quenching Nomads' Thirst - Ethiopia Water Project

Xavier House Closure

Good News from
Fr Pierre Grech Marguerat SJ

Transfer of Pope John XIII Library

Awards of excellence in three fields for St Aloysius College students

Mattia Preti Paintings

JRS Welcomes Court Ruling

Fr Lino Cardona SJ - serving Id-Dar tal-Providenza since 1975

Fr Patrick Magro SJ
- new appointment

Maltese Jesuits Overseas:
Fr Joseph Mizzi SJ, Cairo

International Snippets


(Storja meħuda mill-'RM2000 LilĦbiebna', rivista maħruġa ta' kull xahar mill-Ġiżwiti) 

Żmien il-Milied kont dejjem nistennieh b’ħerqa kbira. Inqisu bħala żmien ta’ ferħ u għaqda. Inħossni iktar qrib tal-familja u l-ħbieb. Ma bqajtx naħsibha hekk pero’, wara esperjenza qarsa li għaddejt minnha fl-1999.... [Read More]


Click here
 to see
the schedule of 
Christmas Liturgy Celebrations
in Jesuit Churches
in Malta
and Gozo 

High tech to quench nomads’ thirst -ETHIOPIA WATER PROJECT -

INYGO Malta delivers pure drinking water to parched desert town through an advanced reverse osmosis desalination system

[Read More and see slideshow]

Xavier House Closure

Jesuits residing at Xavier House in Valletta move on to strengthen other communities [Read More]

'GLAD TIDINGS OVER ADVENT' - Pierre Grech Marguerat SJ brings us items of note:

'The true meaning of solidarity'
 & '51 currently doing the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius' [Read More]

Transfer of Pope John XIII Library

New lease of life for the library's extensive collection of nooks [Read More] 

St Aloysius College - AMDG Night

80 sixth form students awarded certificates for excellence in any of the three fields: academic, co-curricular and community service. [Read More] 

Mattia Preti paintings

Painstaking restoration works well underway at Sarria Church [Read more]

JRS Malta welcomes ground-breaking court judgement

On 29 November the court ruled that the government decision to forcibly return Abdul Hakim Hassan Abdulle and Kasim Ibrahim Nur to Libya violated their human rights. After being sent back without being allowed to apply for asylum, they were imprisoned in miserable conditions, tortured, dumped on the desert border and left to die there. [Read More] 

Fr Lino Cardona SJ receives the Premju Mikiel Azzopardi

In the summer of '75, Mgr. Azzopardi asked Fr Cardona to replace him at the Dar tal-Providenza (the Residential Homes for Persons with Disability in Siggiewi) for the month of August... he offered his service there ever since. [Read More]

Fr Patrick Magro SJ appointed assistant for the formation of lay collaborators

[Read More] 

This month: Joseph Mizzi SJ reporting from Cairo

'This Christmas we need Light for this people walking in the darkness, to enlighten their hearts and minds that they may hope and learn the meaning of love.' [Read More] 

Reflections on Christmas Island: At the age of 70, when most people are retired or taking it easy, Australian Jesuit Celso Romanin SJ responded to an urgent call from Jesuit Refugee Service Australia for a priest to provide pastoral care to the detainees on Christmas Island. [Read More]

Jesuit Trokia? - Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council; Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank; and Mario Monti, the new Prime Minister of Italy. In a recent speech van Rompuy reminded listeners that all three were educated by the Jesuits! (AMDG Express) [Read More] 

Document on Refugees at Europe's Borders - In its latest report, Safe and Secure: How do Refugees Experience Europe's Borders?, JRS  (Jesuit Refugee Service) finds ample evidence that European governments actively hinder refugees' arrivals.

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