Secondary Students' Council

Students are the main ‘ingredient’ in any school where the aim is to ensure that the school creates the right environment for the development of its pupils at both academic and personal levels.

 Therefore, it is important that we, as students, provide the school with our ideas and views on the school policies and activities as, after all, in the end, these will have a direct impact on us. Against this background, the Students’ Council was formed some 20 years ago with the purpose of encouraging students to directly contribute with ideas which are then regularly presented and discussed with the School’s Board.

 Since then, the Students’ Council has continued to operate through its direct members and the students who attended St Aloysius College over these years. Students who participate in the Students’ Council are elected democratically by receiving the most votes from their Form. Elections are held in Form 1 and in Form 3, and two students are elected from every form. This means that the Students’ Council is composed of 10 members.

 Once elected to the Students’ Council, an internal election takes place so as to allocate different roles between the council members. The roles include that of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Vice-Secretary, the Public Relations Officer and the Treasurer amongst others. Normally, the roles of the President and Vice-President are allocated to students in Form 5, while the roles of the Secretary and Vice-Secretary are taken up by Form 4 members. The other roles have no allocation restrictions, although of course, it would be best if an accounting student takes up the treasurer role!

 The Students’ Council operates within the college’s regulations under the guidance of Mr.Borg and Ms.Camenzuli and the present members are:


Sean Cini


Arthur Schembri

Vice-President/ Treasurer

Kyle Sciberras


Mark Ciantar


James Caruana


Aleandro Spiteri



Meetings between Council members take place, on average, once a week. It is of utmost importance that Council members attend such meetings, as otherwise they would be failing their own fellow students who entrusted them with the responsability to lead the school from the students point of view.

 All students are therefore encouraged to bring forward any ideas for the improvement of our college.

 Thank you all,

 Sean Cini                                                                                 


St Aloysius College Students’ Council

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