Adventure Plus Programme

Adventure Plus Programme: Camping

As part of their Adventure Plus programme 30 sixth form students participated in a camping session which was held at Mount Saint Joseph. The camp started on Saturday 12th November and ended the following day. For most students this was their first camping experience. After striking tent, students and leaders went for a short walk. A bbq followed and the rich aroma set all taste buds working. A full stomach did not stop some students from going round the area to collect twigs for a bonfire. Others were happy chatting and cracking jokes. When the temperature fell, everybody felt the need to cuddle up inside tents.

After breakfast the following morning, an outdoor mass was celebrated by College Rector Fr Patrick SJ. The camp ended with a short explanation of the joint project between Mount Saint Joseph and St. Aloysius’ College – a project in which secondary school students plant seeds and donate them to the retreat house once these grow into seedlings. 

The camp was organized by Vanessa Portanier and David Azzopardi. 

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