Book launch - 'Faith in Pluralistic Malta'

Where is the Church anyway?
How has the role of the Church in Malta changed?
Is there still space for Faith in today's context?
Have our youth become unreachable?
And what about the Church and the gay community?

All these questions and many more were addressed in a series of very successful seminars organised by the Unversity Chaplaincy over the past year. A number of academics and professionals, all specialists in their field, presented papers on a number of topics related to 'Faith in a Pluralistic Malta' - and now we are happy to announce that these papers have been gathered in one publication which will be made available to the public.
The book 'Faith in Pluralistic Malta' will be launched at the University Chaplaincy on Tuesday 22nd November at 6.00pm, where Fr Peter Seraccino Inglott will give an overview of the essence of the publication. All are invited to attend.
Copies of the publication will be available for purchase at the price of €5 from the University Chaplaincy as from 22nd November, between 7.00am and 5.00pm daily (Mon - Fri).
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