Social Responsibility Programme

Social Responsibility Programme


A Guide for Sixth Form Students

Rationale. The Social Responsibility Programme is a key component of your educational experience at the Sixth Form of St Aloysius College and a wonderful means to bring out the best in you. It opens you up to the needs of other persons by dedicating yourself – that is, your time, your energy, your abilities, your character – to people who need your help. The College favours people-to-people service that enables you to leave personal concerns aside and to look beyond yourself as a first important step in growth and maturity.

Attitude. In the situation or place where you have been accepted to give service, you may find people – young or old – whose situations are different from yours. Respect them. Listen. Learn. Help as required, always mindful of the other person’s dignity. Whatever situation you have applied to serve in, do so to the best of your ability, consistently.

Choice. List three possibilities from the list of opportunities that has been distributed to you or from others you may wish to propose, according to your order of preference. When filling in your form, please keep in mind that allocations will be made taking need and availability jointly into consideration. All undertakings carried out as part of the Social Responsibility Programme require prior approval by the Sixth Form Management as well as acceptance by the receiving organisation. In case of a placement with any of the organisations listed overleaf or any other organisation, the Management reserves the right to accept or to decline the student’s proposal as well as to recommend an alternative and/or supplementary placement.

Requirement. As a general rule, students will be required to give an average of one-and-a-half to two hours’ service every week (that is, a minimum of 55 hours) during the school year. There is no maximum… just an indicative minimum. Please note that you are normally expected to fulfil this requirement with only one organisation. With this outlook, the programme will be as beneficial to those you serve and to you as you make it.

Other Programmes. Students participating in the President’s Award Scheme may offer the same service to fulfil the requirement of both programmes. Students seeking a placement in conjunction with their Systems of Knowledge Project may combine both, by offering additional hours of service at the place they already frequent to carry out their Social Responsibility Programme. They may not substitute one for the other. Other programmes which require some form of voluntary work will not be considered as part of the fulfilment of the Social Responsibility Programme.

Duration. You may start carrying out your Social Responsibility Programme once you have obtained the approval of the Management. You may give your service at your own pace, during the academic year or during a longer period in the Christmas, Easter and/or summer holidays, provided that you will have completed your requirement by 17 September 2012.

Assessment. Throughout your placement, it will be your responsibility to request periodical assessment from your guide or contact person at the host organisation. You will be assessed on your commitment (reliability, accountability, endurance), on your competence (using your skills and acquiring new ones), and on your collaboration (with your peers if this applies, and especially with your guide or supervisor). You will submit this as part of your Social Responsibility Programme file. In your second year of Sixth Form, you will be given a grade which will form part of your Sixth Form Certificate. This grade is worked out by taking into account various aspects which come to light through your service to the community and the observations of your guide/contact person. By showing your academic achievement, the activities you undertake as part of the Social Responsibility Programme and the Human Development Programme, the Certificate will give a more complete picture of who you are, thus helping you more effectively to appreciate your strong points and to address those areas where you need to show greater commitment.

Other Opportunities. Your parish church and/or other organisation/society you are familiar with could require your service. Feel free to propose such opportunities to the Sixth Form Management. Together with your application, you would need to hand in a written description of the service you could give in such cases. Click here for other vacancies that may become available from time to time.

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