Healing a Broken World

In the time leading up to the General Congregation (GC) 35, there was much excitement about how the supreme governing body of the Society of Jesus would treat the subject of ecology...

Undoubtedly we live in a broken world, seeking, often desperately, for healing. This is the title of a new document, just released “Healing a Broken World”. This document was developed by a Task Force at the appeal of Father General and convened by the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat (through Fernando Franco, and replaced by Patxi Alvarez) and the Secretariat for Higher Education (the late Paul Locatelli, succeeded by Ronald J. Anton). A group of Jesuits and lay people, from all the Conferences, worked through their various disciplines to help the Society of Jesus, collaborators, and friends in also reaching out to those frontiers where nature and human life are seriously threatened. Access the full text of 'Healing a Broken World' here

For Ecology and Jesuits in Communication’s editors, this is a special moment of joy. With the publication of “Healing a Broken World” (Promotio Iustitiae, number 106), a step forward is taken from GC 35. Besides offering an update of the context, describing new events and developments, “Healing a Broken World” suggests many different commitments and initiatives that can be undertaken at different levels of the Society of Jesus: Conferences, Provinces, communities and works.

But most important, we believe this document is a very sincere invitation to make ecology a topic and reason for discernment, to promote open searches in common, especially in our communities and apostolic works. At the same time of this document was published, Father General Adolfo Nicolas, sent a letter to all the Jesuits stressing the importance of realizing the implications of our mission to the ecological challenges that “demands of us a change of heart that manifests our gratitude to God for the gift of creation and our readiness to embark on the path of conversion.”

This is also our inspiration, to which we would like to contribute. Above excerpts are taken from Jesuit response to environmental and ecological challenges: healing a broken world with kind permission from the editorial office at 'Ecology and Jesuits in Communication'.

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