JRS Malta Launches New Project for Vulnerable Asylum Seekers

JRS Malta launches new project for vulnerable asylum seekers

Jesuit Refugee Service Malta has launched a new 12-month Project to Provide Sheltered Accommodation and Psychosocial Support to Vulnerable Asylum seekers to whom such services are not otherwise available.

This new project, 75% co-financed by the European Refugee Fund (ERF), responds to the needs of vulnerable asylum seekers who require specialised individual support. “From our regular contact with vulnerable asylum seekers and migrants, we have long been seeing the need for specialised services that take into account those who are most vulnerable,” said Project Leader Dr Katrine Camilleri.

People in this category include those suffering from mental health problems, chronic illness or serious medical problems, such as HIV/AIDS or cancer, persons with physical disabilities and victims of trauma and torture.  “It may be a pre-existing vulnerability, but there are others who become vulnerable either due to the onset of physical or mental health problems, or to other factors,” she explained.

Thanks to a number of private donors, the Voices Foundation and a pledge of support by the Malta Community Chest Fund’s L-Istrina 2010 and the Jesuits of Loyola (Spain), JRS Malta has raised the required match funding which runs into tens of thousands of Euro. This project is being carried out in collaboration with Richmond Foundation, Suret il-Bniedem and YMCA.


75% co-financing by the European Refugee Fund

25% match funding by Jesuit Refugee Service Malta

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