JRS Concludes "Suspended Lives" Campaign

Jesuit Refugee Service Malta concludes
“Suspended Lives” campaign

“Many people have told us that prior to watching the documentary Suspended Lives they had no idea what kind of hardships asylum seekers and forced migrants face. It leaves quite an impact to hear the stories from the migrants themselves, in their own words,” said Dr Roberta Buhagiar, JRS Malta’s coordinator of the ANDES project and “Suspended Lives” Campaign.

JRS Malta will host the final public screening of Suspended Lives on Sunday, 19 June, at St James Cavalier, Valletta. This event, held on the occasion of World Refugee Day (20 June) will bring to an end the “Suspended Lives” Campaign – an awareness-raising campaign, launched in December 2010, highlighting the hardships faced by asylum seekers and forced migrants in Malta.

“Suspended Lives” tells seven stories in the migrants’ own words from the moment they escaped from their country until they reached the safe shores of Malta. In it, the protagonists also tell of the challenges and the daily hardships they face living in the open centres or in the community. “The feedback we got about the documentary throughout these past six months was very positive and encouraging,” said Dr Buhagiar.

The documentary, co-produced by JRS Malta and Andrew Galea Debono, was the centrepiece of the sixth-month campaign, with a total of 12 free public screenings held at St James Cavalier and the University of Malta Chaplaincy and 12 private screenings specifically organised for interested organisations and communities.

Although the campaign will officially come to an end with the last screening, JRS Malta will continue to use the documentary as an advocacy tool, particularly in its Schools Outreach Programme. Free private screenings for interested organisations, government departments/offices and other communities will continue even after the campaign comes to an end. “We also intend to organise free public screenings in other countries in Europe through the collaboration of JRS Europe and the various JRS country offices. This is something which will we be actively working on in the coming months,” said Dr Buhagiar.

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