CYLO keeps growing!


Last year about 80 students joined CYLO*. This year there were around 180 without counting the leaders! Undoubtedly the increase in number was an unexpected blessing though initially it created serious logistic difficulties.

What makes all these students stay on at College every Friday after school? The answer could come from the results of an evaluation exercice by the students themselves which was held at the end of the scholastic year. Being with friends, games, good leaders, the talks and the prayers were mentioned as the main attraction.

So it is that every Fridays after school the CYLO members have a short break, followed by a meeting and then games. Surely the refurbished inner ground will be a further attraction as from next year.

Throughout the year a number of  other activities are offered: hikes, live-ins, retreats and voluntary work. Three Jesuit Fathers, Teachers and a group of Sixth Form students bring in all their dedication and expertise to this experience.

Gradually, CYLO is becoming like one big family within the school. Through its various activities, it aims at deepening the formation that College imparts in order to help our students live their Christian commitment and become men (in our case) for others.

Both leaders and students are thankful for this year's experience which, despite the difficulties encountered in the beginning, proved to be a great success.


*CYLO stands for Catholic Youth Leaders Organisation. It was founded in the early 60's by the energetic Fr Anton Caruana SJ with the aim of training our students to be good leaders in the various spheres of life. As a matter of fact today a number of  past members are rendering excellent leadership service in Maltese society and elsewhere.

After Fr Caruana's death (1985) the movement was in the hands of various leaders among them Br Joseph Vella SJ. It was lately given new life through the efforts of Fr Jimmy Bartolo SJ with the full support of Fr. Rector.

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