Issue 3

Issue 3: June 2011
Dear friends,
This is the third edition of the inYgo Malta newsletter prepared by the inYgo communications team. For some of you this might be the second one you have received after the guidelines we had published to help you make a mature choice. The first issue of the newsletter might not have reached everyone but you can access it here.
In this issue of our newsletter, we present to you some fundraising activities organised by the volunteers who will be doing summer voluntary work in Bari, Naples, Catania, Armagh and Etiopia. It would be good to see you at some of these activities. We wish the volunteers a good and fruitful experience!
We are also offering you some thoughts on why it is essential to our faith to be persons who are involved actively in the world....
Enjoy reading on.
inYgo communications team


The volunteers who will be going up to the summer experiences during their formation weekend.

  • A Spirituality of Action

[Action] appears as a theme with many variations. Loyalty is expressed in service. Love is appropriately manifested in actions rather than in words. Repentance means action for change. Serious conversion to Christ means commitment of all one’s resources—material and personal—expenditure of all one’s energies, steady focus of one’s attention. Read More


  • Other Fundraising Events:
                   5-a-side Football Tournament 19th June @ Floriana Grounds
                   Car Wash 23rd June @ MCP Valletta
                   BBQ on the 25th June @ University Chaplaincy
                   (tickets sold from chaplaincy from € 5)




Naples & Catania

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