Divorce Referendum

(English translation below)

F'isem il-core group ta' inYgo (In-Network tal-Ħidma tal-Ġiżwiti maż-żgħażagħ) qed nibgħatlek dawn il-linji gwida li ħejjejna għalik li ser tivvota fir-referendum fuq id-divorzju. 

L-intenzjoni tagħna hi li ngħinuk tirrifletti biex tieħu deċiżjoni infurmata u matura. 

Inselli ħafna għalik, 
Fr. Jimmy Bartolo sj u l-core group ta' inYgo


On behalf of the inYgo Core Team  (Ignatian Youth Network), I am sending you these guidelines in preparation for your decision and vote in the Referendum on Divorce.

Our intention is to help you to reflect and take an informed and mature decision.

With best regards,

 Fr. Jimmy Bartolo sj and the inYgo Core Team

1. Be sure to have a thorough understanding of the question to which you will vote 'yes' or 'no'. 

2. Ask yourself, which criteria (from among all the debates which you have heard these past few weeks) will you use as a basis for your decision.

3. Consider what will strengthen Maltese society : Divorce as is proposed, or no divorce.

4. Reflect upon what this means to you as a Christian: seek to understand what light the words of Christ and the teachings of the Church on marriage and divorce sheds on the decision you will make.

5. On Referendum day, go to cast your vote. This is not an easy decision, but if you abstain you will be shirking your responsibility as a citizen. 


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