Maltese Jesuit Scholastic ordained deacon

Mark Cachia, a Jesuit scholastic presently studying theology in Paris, was ordained deacon at the Church of St. Ignatius in central Paris last Saturday 30th April.

In a joyful and deeply meaningful celebration, Mark was ordained together with 11 other Jesuits also studying in Paris - 3 from India, 6 from Latin America, one from Lebanon and another from Poland.  The climax of the celebration was the laying on of hands on the new deacons and the reciting of the prayer of consecration by Msgr. Beau, one of the auxiliary bishops of Paris.  The international character of the celebration was highlighted by having different parts read or sung in the different languages.  The Maltese Provincial, Fr. Paul Pace, read the Gospel in Maltese.

Mark joined the Jesuits in 2002, and after his novitiate in Genoa did 2 years of philosophical studies in Padua.  After 2 years working at St. Aloysius' College, he moved to Paris for his theological studies.

Mark will be ordained priest in June 2012.

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