The St Aloysius College Reading Club

Some six years ago St Aloysius College began thinking how to help the disadvantaged children around us. The idea of forming a reading club was then developed by Mrs Jane Callus, who ran it during its first year. She then passed it on to a couple to run, and these last three years to Fr Harry Formosa, a member of the Jesuit community.

The Reading Club is one of the many activities in which Sixth Form students participate, to fulfil their 55-hour commitment in a community project during their first year with us.

The main aim of the St Aloysius reading club is to assist children in both speaking and reading skills. The children's ages vary from seven to eleven. Seventeen Sixth Form students from St Aloysius volunteer to carry out an hour and 15 minutes every Wednesday to 20 children in reading, reciting and spoken language, in both Maltese and English. With the use of books, flash cards, one-to-one conversation, and games (donated by people or bought through fundraising) - children maintain steady grounds to their reading skills. With the professional assistance of Mrs Claire Francica, the tutors have been trained to do their job competently.

A good bonding has developed between the tutors and their charges, which fosters learning. We are glad to hear how the parents appreciate our commitment to the development of their children.

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