InYgo Newsletter

Issue 1: April 2011
Dear friends, 

I am glad to present to you this first edition of the inYgo Malta newsletter prepared by the inYgo communications team.  

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of inYgo voluntary work in Malta and especially abroad, let us be thankful to the Lord for so many generous young people who gave their time, energy and money to help thousands of children and sick people along the years. We would be more than pleased to see you for the 10th anniversary celebration. Just click on the item to get more information.  

If you are an avid photographer I am sure you will enjoy participating in the inYgo photo competition on voluntary work. Click on the camera below to participate. In this issue you find information on other interesting opportunities that will help you grow on a human and spiritual level. Magis 2011 is just one of them. 

I wish to congratulate the inYgo communications team for their creativity, team work and initiative in such an important mission with young people. 

Fr. Jimmy Bartolo, sj
inYgo Coordinator 
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