Sixth Form Chaplaincy

The Sixth Form Chaplaincy invites students to discover themselves as created and loved by God, and to respond by living accordingly.

Within the educational experience offered in the Jesuit tradition by St Aloysius College, the Chaplaincy seeks to contribute to the overall well-being of each student.

Through a variety of daily and special rhythms, the Chaplaincy accompanies students

  • in their faith journey and their relationship with God
  • in asking and seeking replies to honest questions about themselves and the meaning of life
  • in becoming men and women for and with others, who are concerned about global issues such as hunger, poverty, justice, ecology, human rights and peace.


The Chaplaincy welcomes the participation of students and staff in the organisation of liturgical events as well as in promotion and carrying out of day-to-day actions and special campaigns. It seeks to support students in sustaining a life of prayer, first and foremost by daily Mass, as well as by offering the Chapel as a special oasis of peace and calm before the Lord.

Students from other faith backgrounds and those who do not practice any faith are welcomed with respect. While the Christian formation of students is a primary goal of St Aloysius College, we seek to accompany each one on their journey of self-discovery and in the search for meaning.


What’s on offer

  • quiet daily Mass at 7.15am in the Sixth Form Chapel (Mon-Thu)
  • the more upbeat Friday celebration of the Eucharist — every Friday, 09.15 in the Assembly Hall
  • occasional hikes, retreats or live-ins
  • opportunity to join a Christian Life Community (CLC)
  • FT Coffee & Choc (Fair Trade Coffee and Hot Chocolate)
  • Christmas Midnight Mass and the Easter Triduum Liturgy in the College Church
  • awareness-raising initiatives
  • summer voluntary work opportunities through the Ignatian Youth Network
  • human rights awareness > standing up for those left aside
  • spiritual accompaniment and confession on request
  • pilgrimages to places where young people converge: Taizé (France), Loyola & Javier (Spain), the World Youth Day (when held in a country within easy reach)

Social Responsibility Programme

Within the current organisational set-up of the Sixth Form, the Chaplain is also the Assistant Head who promotes and coordinates the Social Responsibility Programme, a mandatory, multifaceted scheme which students engage in throughout the first year and in the following summer.

The Logo

The amber, red and blue squares in the Sixth Form Chaplaincy logo recall the two central mysteries of the Christian faith: the Trinity and the Incarnation. In the Chaplain’s office, three large squares painted on the wall, equal yet distinct and of the same size as the window, remind one of the core belief in Three Persons in One God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The colours reflect the chromatic code normally used in the sacred icons of the Eastern Christian tradition. Red indicates the humanity of Jesus Christ, while blue indicates the divinity of the Son of God. Gold, featured by amber, is a sign of God’s majesty.


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