"By graduation the Jesuit high school student will have a basic knowledge of the major doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church. The graduate will also have examined his or her own religious feelings and beliefs with a view to choosing a fundamental orientation toward God ..."

 "More specifically the Jesuit high school student at graduation: 

  • has read the Gospels and encountered the person of Jesus Christ as He is presented in the New Testament
  • has a basic understanding of the Church's teaching about Jesus Christ
  • has had some exposure to non-Christian and non-Catholic religious traditions
  • is beginning to take more responsibility for exploring and validating one's own faith
  • has had some personal experience of God
  • is beginning to form a Christian conscience
  • has begun to appreciate the centrality of the Eucharist to a vibrant Christian community
  • is learning through his or her own failure the need for healing and reconciliation
  • is at the beginning stages of understanding the relationship between faith in Jesus and being a "person for others"
  • is familiar with Church teaching on social justice"

(From: Profile of the Graduate of a Jesuit High School at Graduation)

At St. Aloysius' College we do our utmost to implement the above through the Primary School Chaplaincy, Secondary School Chaplaincy, Sixth Form Chaplaincy and through Inygo which coordinates Jesuits' work with young people in Malta.

  • Voluntary Work Activities

St Aloysius College Sixth Form students are encouraged to participate in voluntary work activities locally and overseas. A number of options are available.

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