Lawrence teaches children English

Lawrence teaching children English

Marhaba - EVS Project in Egypt - inYgo volunteers Malta

This European Voluntary Service (EVS) project sent 2 volunteers for six months from June 2010 to November 2010 to El Minya in Egypt. The host organisation was Jesuits and Brothers Association for Development. It offers a wide spectrum of services to the underprivileged, and the volunteers contributed to support in out-of-school studies, after-school studies and general animation to enable those with less opportunity to improve their formal and informal education; extra-curricular activities offering a range of educational crafts and games and also imparting of specific skills such as use of computers and teaching of English.

The main aims of the project were to help in empowering the poor and marginalised, to develop and understanding of poverty and suffering and to foster an appreciation of the different realities and cultures of the world. In all this volunteers would reflect on their own European identity and share their reality. The project included an intensive programme of training and formation. Currently the volunteers are in the evaluation phase of the project and will be planning activities to share their experience.

Ruth Vella, 25 and Lawrence Bellizzi,27, were the volunteers who went to Egypt.

Ruth writes
‘This experience enabled me to see, live and work in a culture almost completely different from my own. It was a means for both sharing and giving but also for receiving. I shared my knowledge of English and tried being a friend to those i came in contact with and i received their gratitude and priceless friendship in return. It made me appreciate and think a whole lot about the importance of social justice, education and freedom of belief too.EVS is not a "holiday" if you take it seriously BUT it would be something which you will always remember and never regret. (And then when you're back home you'll probably start saving up to go again and do ANOTHER voluntary experience.)'Lawrence who finished his experience in November writes ‘I'm still benefiting from this and if I had more time I would have done more because now I know the people and I believe they loved me so much and I want to be there and not here.I believe that any volunteer who would like to do EVS needs to accept people in the hosting country as they are! Of course I would highly recommend it.'

 Below you can view videos that show better what the volunteers have experienced:


 View some writtings by the volunteers themselves:

Lawrenz & Ruth 

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