Civil Society Report on Administrative Detention of Asylum Seekers

Administrative Detention of Asylum Seekers 10 NMS

Across Europe, at any given moment, thousands of foreigners are detained while they await removal or a final decision on their asylum application. Migrants in detention are often extremely isolated, forced to live in difficult conditions and, at times, deprived of essential services. As access to detention centres is usually restricted, public awareness of the conditions in which migrants are detained is often very limited.

The research covers detention conditions in 30 detention premises/facilities spread across the 10 States that acceded to the EU on 1 May 2004: two in Estonia, one in Latvia and one in Lithuania, on the North-Eastern border; six in Poland, two in Slovakia, four in Hungary and one in Slovenia, on the Eastern border; five in Cyprus on the South-Eastern border; three in Malta on the Southern border; and five in the Czech Republic.

The project was led by Jesuit Refugee Service Malta. Download the Report [PDF]

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