Try to Understand

Between 2002-2009, Malta received an increasingly large number of migrants who departed from Libyan shores in a desperate bid to reach the European mainland.

All, including women and children, were detained on arrival for illegal entry in terms of the Immigration Act; most applied for asylum and whether this was granted or otherwise, most were eventually released to live in the community.

In 2007, UNHCR decided to focus on Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in response to a felt lack of awareness of the problem in policy and practice. A project was set up in Malta to provide hitherto insufficient psychosocial and legal services to those affected by SGBV, and to prevent further incidents occurring in immigration detention centres or in the community. JRS Malta implemented the UNHCR-funded project entitled SGBV Prevention and Response in the Context of Mediterranean Arrivals between April and December 2007. Download [PDF]


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