A Place of Restful Silence

A place of restful silence

Set in 14 tumoli of land and surrounded by unbroken stretches of rolling Maltese countryside, Mount Saint Joseph Spirituality Centre is uniquely positioned to offer a place of restful silence to those seeking to pause the fast pace of modern life and to enter into a haven of peace and quiet. Whether it is just for a day of prayerful meditation or for a longer time of reflection, Mount St Joseph is a place where you can stop to unwind and enter into those rare moments of blissful solitude.


Architectural gem

At the centre of the spacious gardens is the Retreat House itself, an architectural beauty of the early 20th century. The building’s historical and architectural value was recognised by MEPA, the planning authority of the Maltese Government, who included the building in the list of national scheduled properties that merit protection and conservation. 

The main entrance of the building opens to a spacious reception area, decorated with original designs of metal and wood works, and which forms the centre and heart of the building. This reception area leads to the guest rooms which are situated along wide corridors on the left and right of the reception area. Seen from a bird’s eye, the building has the shape of wide V, where the guest room wings form the arms of the V while the reception constitutes the connecting point. In the eyes of the original architect the wide V shape symbolised open arms welcoming guests inside.


Comfortable accommodation

Spread over 3 storeys, the guest room area includes 40 twin bedrooms equipped with private toilet and shower facilities.

Generous facilities for conferences and meetings

Groups have ample space to meet in the 4 meeting halls, 3 chapels, 2 dining halls and a number of small meeting rooms equipped with modern conference facilities. 



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