Secondary School


    • School Management Team

    Mr. Edwin Ungaro - Head of School.

    Ms Sasha Borg -  Assistant Head in charge of Academics Forms 1 and 2.                              

    Mr. John Busuttil - Assistant Head in charge of Academics Forms 3 and 4.

    Ms. Vanessa Portanier Mifsud - Assistant Head in charge of Academics Form 5 and Co-Curricular Activities.              

    Mr. Marco Bartolo - Prefect of Discipline

    Ms. Angele Briffa - Coordinator for Diversity in Learning

    Fr. Paul Zammit SJ - Chaplain

    • Course of Studies

    Students in the Secondary School receive the opportunity to choose between different course of study, according to ones capabilities and desires.

    • Activities

    Various activities are held both during school hours and also outside. Students come to College not only to learn academic subjects but also to learn to relate to others and to God.

    • Inclusion Policy

    St. Aloysius' College is an all-inclusive school and we are proud to say that inclusion is high on our agenda. Our inclusion policy is very much in line with the Ignatian Character of our College.

    • Code of Behaviour

    Behaviour is a very important aspect of our way of life as students of St. Aloysius' College. College prefects are presently working on our updated Code of Behaviour for Secondary School Students.

    • Sports Leagues

    Sports is a very important aspect of life in the Secondary School of St. Aloysius' College and many students participate in all the sports opportunities offered. Apart from the sports activities organized during school hours, many students also participate in sports activites after normal school times.

    • After-School Programme

    Our After-School Programme consists in various opportunities offered to our students to stay on for an extra hour and a half at school to practice a sport or learn an extra skill or subjects. Courses offered include: Art, Computer Studies, Ganutell and Robotics. For more info click here. Here 

    • Admissions

    Students are admitted to the Secondary School directly from our Primary School. Please refer to our Admission Policy.



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