Power & No Glory - starts 4th Feb

Retreat for Public Officials and those involved in the Public Sector in Malta

Anyone who works in the Public Sector as a politician, councillor, public official etc is bound to be faced with big moral and ethical questions. One one hand, he or she appreciates the ideals of service to society, and on the other hand acknowledges the realities that power brings with it.What light does faith throw on these questions and problems? 

During this retreat, we will encounter the Kings David, Solomon and Herod, meet Matthew and Zaccheus, Pointius Pilate and others, and we will see what they can teach us about the challenges posed by involvement in the public sector.

Date: Friday 4th February at 6.00pm, till Sunday 6th February after lunch.
Facilitated by: Dr Edward Warrington and Pierre Grech Marguerat SJ
Venue: Mount St Joseph Retreat House, Targa Gap, Mosta

For bookings, contact the Jesuit Centre for Ignatian Spirituality

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