The Jesuit Brother

Frankie Borg SJ, one of several Maltese Jesuit Brothers, is currently occupied with the full-time care of the elderly Jesuit community at Loyola House, Naxxar

As every other Jesuit, the Jesuit Brother is called upon to follow Christ poor, chaste, and obedient   in the one community of Priests and Brothers for the spreading of the Gospel.

The life of the Jesuit Brothers gives witness in a special and strong manner of the core values of consecrated religious life, since their very life and work are first and foremost a witness to the Vows they live out in every work, trade, or profession that they take on.

Have you ever paused to think that you may be called to make use of your God-given talents as a Jesuit Brother wherever people have the greatest need for them?

The Jesuit Brother renders this service of love when he:

 teaches or runs a school or performs other ministries

 carries out work of a social nature with the poor, with refugees, or with the sick

 studies sciences and arts and makes practical use of them 

 assists others through spiritual guidance 

Salvu Mifsud SJ, also a Jesuit Brother, is a team member with the Jesuit Refugee Service, Malta

 lends support to his fellow Jesuit Brothers or Priests 

 practises any sort of trade


“In the Society of Jesus there is only one service, or better still, there are only servants that work for the Kingdom” (Pedro Arrupe SJ)

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