Who are the Jesuits?


“Wherever in the Church, even in the most difficult and extreme fields,  in the crossroads of ideologies, in the front line of social conflict, there has been and there is confrontation between the deepest desires of the human person and the perennial message of the Gospel, there too, there have been, and there are, Jesuits.”

Pope Paul VI

We are companions of Jesus, men on the move, ready to place and immerse ourselves anywhere, in order to serve Christ.

Companionship with Jesus is at the heart of our calling, both individually and as a body. It is what has gripped our deepest longing and continues to energise our everyday lives. Even though we are sinners our experience of the life-giving encounter with Jesus Christ drives us to help others to find God in all things.

More commonly known as Jesuits, the Society of Jesus is defined by this companionship with Jesus and by our uncanny tendency to find ourselves at the 'frontiers', not only geographical but also ideological, educational, social and spiritual - Frontiers of all kinds where cultures and religions intersect, where ideologies brush against each other, where women and men come together to find solutions in response to God’s Spirit.This is our identity, and our calling.

Our service of faith and justice takes the form of spiritual accompaniment, teaching in schools and universities, youth ministry, refugee work, administering the sacraments, advocacy, praying, adult literacy, promoting volunteering among the poor, writing, in a variety of contexts where we collaborate with lay men and women with whom we share our mission.

The closer we are to Christ, the more faithful we are to our vocation. The Maltese translation of 'Society of Jesus', 'Kumpanija ta’ Ġesù', renders the original inspiration of Compañía de Jesús most eloquently. We are diverse characters with a unique spirit, called to serve the Lord together.

The 100 or so Maltese Jesuits today are part of the broader picture of over 18,000 Jesuits spread out in 112 countries on six continents. Maltese Jesuits are found in Brazil, Burundi, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, South Sudan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, USA and, of course, Malta. This international outreach reflects the universal orientation that has been a distinguishing feature of Jesuits since the foundation of the Society of Jesus in 1540. It continues to be synonymous with our identity.

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