Jesuit Development Office

What is the Jesuit Development Office?

The Maltese Jesuit Development Office is the national fundraising office for the Maltese Jesuits and their apostolic works.

Established by the Jesuit Provincial, its role is to foster strong relationships among individuals, families and members of the business community who have an association with the Maltese Jesuits with the hope that those friendships will help promote and sustain creative and effective Jesuit ministries into the future.

The Jesuit Development Office is the major body that seeks funding for the Jesuit ministries within Malta, focusing particularly on those works that lack adequate support or funding. Its role is also to raise funds for the support of young Jesuits in formation and for the wellbeing of elderly Jesuits who have given a lifelong service in ministry and are currently residing in our infirmary at Loyola House, Naxxar.

The Maltese Jesuits believe that there are key people who have had a close association with the Jesuit Order throughout their lives who have the desire and capacity to assist and sustain the future of the Order and its diverse ministries among the local community.

The Jesuit Development Office seeks to establish a link with these key people to encourage their ongoing involvement as companions in that Province-wide mission. Such an involvement will not prevent nor deter such individuals continuing their support of particular ministries, such as the Jesuit Refugee Service, St Aloysius College, the Centre for Faith and Justice or the Paulo Freire Institute among others.

This mission of the Jesuit Development Office is only made possible through the kindness and generosity of our good friends and benefactors who support us in our work through their prayers and donations. We thank you for your continued support and generosity and will remember you in our prayers.

For more information on Jesuit apostolic works in Malta, please visit our What We Do' pages

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