How You Can Help

Please help JRS Malta fulfil its mission to accompany, serve and defend refugees and forcibly displaced people.


"Pray. Pray much. Problems such as these are not solved by human efforts."
Father Pedro Arrupe, Founder of JRS, 1981

  • Pray for refugees and forcibly displaced people
  • Support our mission with prayer, fasting and offering Mass
  • Pray for peace in the world

Donate Money

Who will your money/gift in kind help?

  • Men, women and children who are forced to leave their country for reasons such as war, dictatorship, torture and widespread violence.
  • They constitute the majority of boat migrants reaching our shores. If they find work, most are able - with minimal support - to gain independence and start afresh.
  • The more vulnerable, such as children, pregnant women and the sick require a higher level of attention.

JRS needs substantial financial resources to provide its range of free professional services with a unique spirit.

Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Malta Foundation is a private foundation registered as non-governmental organisation with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. Registration Number: VO/0064

Where does your money go

Hardship Fund

  • Provision of timely limited financial assistance to vulnerable migrants and those in extreme need without any other means of support (rent, medicines, living - or rather ‘survival' expenses).
    [Donate by cheque, bank transfer, or online]

Legal Assistance and Advocacy Project

  • Direct provision of professional legal assistance and information to individuals in detention centres or at our offices
  • Defending Human Rights
  • Payment of legal costs connected with court action
    [Donate by cheque, bank transfer, or online]

Social Work Services

  • Identification of vulnerable asylum seekers in detention centres as well as in the community
  • Provision of individual follow-up, including limited healthcare and psychological support
    [Donate by cheque, bank transfer, or online]

School Outreach Programme

  • Creating opportunities for Maltese young people to meet refugees and listen to their stories - the reasons why they left and the problems they faced both on their journey and where they sought refuge
  • Promoting understanding of the universality of human rights and Malta's obligation to offer protection to those who need it
  • Fostering a culture of peace and reconciliation.
    [Donate by cheque, bank transfer, or online]

General Operations

  • Operational costs for our busy office and outreach services
  • Telephone calls to countries of origin to assist asylum seekers with the procurement of documents
  • Publishing and printing information material
    [Donate by cheque, bank transfer, or online]

Or you can let us decide where the need is greatest.
[Donate by cheque, bank transfer, or online]

Online Donations
You may choose to effect a direct online donation through our secure channel.  Take me to Online Donations.


Organise your own Fundraising Activity

Do you and your friends wish to help? Use your creativity to get your own fundraiser going.

Team up with others to organise your

  • Sports tournament/event
  • Charity Dinner
  • Concert
  • Gig
  • Marathon
  • Car Wash
  • Lenten Fast
  • Art Exhibition
  • Other

We count on your support. You can count on our gratitude.

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