Our Vision

The aim of the College is the formation of Christian "men and women for others". In order to reach this goal, the College helps students to become competent in their studies, gives them all the opportunities to be men and women of conscience full of compassion and committed to Christian values, with a spontaneous preference for the poor. 

St Aloysius' College, in collaboration with parents, strives to educate youth in the service of the Faith that necessarily includes the promotion of justice. It

  • helps each student achieve a balanced and well-formed personality so that the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, affective, aesthetic and physical dimensions are integrated into a harmonious whole;
  • forms mature and committed Christians to become, within their own sphere, effective leaders in a spirit of service to their fellow human beings;
  • helps students to overcome their selfishness and become free persons enabling them to be agents of change in the spirit of the Gospel for the creation of a more just and human world.
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