You Will Always Have The Poor Among You



A report about poverty in Malta

Published by: Jesuit Centre for Faith & Justice
•    Who are the poor in Malta?
•    What does it mean to be in their ranks?
•    Where do they live?
•    What kind of life do they lead?
•    How do they behave?
•    What is the look on their face like?
•    Who is helping these people to face their problems and possibly to
      work their way out of them?

Faced with these questions, statistical data often provides very little information. So we decided to follow up on the previous research by conducting a qualitative research which would help us answer more adequately these questions. Our research is thus meant to compliment the excellent research done so far and to contribute to the process of eradication of poverty itself. The result of this research was being published in this book in the European Year for the Eradication of Poverty.

The research identified a new (to Malta) category of people living on the verge of absolute poverty - African immigrants. The report highlights the ghettoisation that results from putting immigrants in the three ‘open centres’, the situation of poverty they face upon leaving the ‘open centres’, problems with integrating into the community and the hostility they face.

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L-Edukazzjoni f’Malta f’Salib it-Toroq




Published by: Jesuit Centre for Faith & Justice

The Malta Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice is in favour of the removal of streaming and the development of new teaching and assessment methods. The proposed reform, mainly concerns the transition from Primary to Secondary schools, and is one of a number of reforms taking place in the education sector in Malta. In this document, the Centre analyses this reform and tries to place it in a wider context with the aim of linking the discussion to other important themes which are needed to ensure an improvement in the sector. With regards to the process of introducing the reform the Centre believes that we need to move towards a model which encourages greater participation and inclusion.

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