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The RM2000 – Regina et Mater 2000 – is a monthly magazine in Maltese published by the Maltese Jesuits
•    To promote the Gospel values to our contemporaries in the way preferred by Jesus – through parables and
•    To provide inspiration that sustains readers in facing life more positively in view of living it more fully.
•    Provide a forum where readers can exchange experiences, opinions and encouragement.
•    To help in making the Jesuit life and mission better known among the general public.
•    To promote Jesuit Spirituality and world view, as well as the Jesuit Vocation. and inspire young people to
      respond to the Lord’s call.

Some history
The Magazine started being published in 1948 as an in-house newssheet for the Marian Congregation, which later became the Christian Life Communities. The original name was Regina et Mater. This was eventually changed to RM2000 with the turn of the century, when it was given a fresh look and format. From 2005 to late 2010 it incorporated another Jesuit publication Lil Ħbiebna. During this period its name was changed to RM2000-Lil Ħbiebna

The Magazine today

A recent survey among readers shows that it reaches thousands of Maltese families and is perceived as a family magazine, mostly appreciated for its inspirational stories and its modern, attractive presentation which makes ample use of beautiful photography. Several readers use it as a resource in their teaching ministry or profession. Young people also find it attractive and often contribute through their poems, writings and photography.

The editor is Fr Paul Chetcuti sj, helped by a number of volunteers who form the Editorial Board.


Annual subscription rate for 10 issues: By donation (minimum €5).
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RM2000-Lil Ħbiebna

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tel: 21420610
sms: 79826899
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