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A Brief Overview

Today, St. Aloysius' College, with a population of over 1,600 students and a Staff of over 200 teachers and administration officials, consists of three sections:

Primary School

The Primary School, for boys only, is located in Balzan and was previously Stella Maris School, which was run by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Students are admitted to the Primary School in Kindergarten 2 or Year 1 through the ballot system and go on directly to Secondary Education after Year 6.


Secondary School

The Secondary School, for boys only, offers a five-year course, from Form 1 to Form 5, after which students sit the Malta Secondary Education Certificate (MATSEC) Examination and the Oxford/London General Certificate of Education (GCE) Examination at Ordinary Level.

The main College building, which houses the Secondary section, includes four science laboratories, a media room, two computer rooms, a bookshop, the library and the theatre hall.

Sixth Form

The co-educational Sixth Form is a two-year programme where students are prepared for the University of Malta Matriculation Examination at Advanced and Intermediate levels, as well as for examinations by foreign boards.

The Sixth Form buiding is a three storey complex with its own laboratories, library, computer room and games rooms.

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Our Vision - 
Aims and Objectives

The aim of the College is the formation of Christian "men and women for others". In order to reach this goal, the College helps students to become competent in their studies, gives them all the opportunities to be men and women of conscience full of compassion and committed to Christian values, with a spontaneous preference for the poor. 

St Aloysius' College, in collaboration with parents, strives to educate youth in the service of the Faith that necessarily includes the promotion of justice. It

  • helps each student achieve a balanced and well-formed personality so that the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, affective, aesthetic and physical dimensions are integrated into a harmonious whole;
  • forms mature and committed Christians to become, within their own sphere, effective leaders in a spirit of service to their fellow human beings;
  • helps students to overcome their selfishness and become free persons enabling them to be agents of change in the spirit of the Gospel for the creation of a more just and human world.

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    Administration & Staff

    The College Staff is composed of Jesuit priests and brothers as well as lay men and women, all highly qualified in the subjects they teach and all trained teachers who can be relied upon for their professional learning and their keen in education.

    Rector: Fr. Jimmy Bartolo SJ

    Primary School Management Team

    Secondary School Management Team

    Sixth Form School Management Team

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    Our History
     - An Outline

    In 1592, the Jesuits founded the Collegium Melitense in Valletta. It was a college with pontifical faculties to award academic degrees. This first educational undertaking of the Jesuits in Malta prepared the way for the University of Malta, established when the Jesuits were expelled from Malta from Grand Master Pinto, in 1769.

    After an absence of nearly one hundred years, a group of Jesuits from Sicily returned to Malta in 1868, this time to teach at the Seminary in Gozo, while a group of English Jesuits established St. Ignatius' College in St. Julians.
    On 8 October 1907, the Jesuits, at the request of Pope Saint Pius X, founded St. Aloysius' College at Birkirkara. The student population at the time was merely 139 boys whereas the present student population is just over one thousand. This increase in student population is an indication of the strides the College has made over a span of ninety years in its history of service by generations of Jesuits and lay teachers to thousands of students and to Maltese society in the spirit of Ignatius of Loyola.

    Constant development took place at the College over the years. The main College building houses the Secondary School, with a population of 600 students from Forms 1 to 5. The Sixth Form building, inaugurated in 1991, caters to over 400 students. The College has extensive sports grounds. The recently upgraded sports ground is also home to the Sports Complex, in use since 1997. From its early years, the College has had its own Church, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Though mostly used by the College student population, the Church is open to the public for daily Mass.

    At the same time, Jesuit and lay members of staff have continuously worked through the years to share the Ignatian spirit with the students. From the original Ratio Studiorum dating back to 1575 to the wealth of experience in teaching, the Society of Jesus published the Characteristics of Jesuit Education which in turn developed into the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm of 1993.

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